Friday, August 10, 2012

Chanin Poncho Beginning

I am at the very beginning of stitching on a Alabama Studio Sewing + Design Poncho.  Excuse my wrinkles.

I am trying to use up the rest of this fabric from the making of my first Chanin piece.  Frankly, I do not love the color (Blue Slate) on me for the summer.  I am hopeful that I will like it more paired with black for the fall.

This is the photo that inspired me. 
(photo credit: Alabama Chanin)
I love how the circles are not perfectly round.  More organic.  They remind me a bit of river stones.  So that is what I set out to stencil on my poncho. 

Now that I have started stitching I am thinking it might be best to cut out the centers of my river stones.  A decision must be made quickly and I am utterly torn!   Thoughts?



  1. I have to say, that whichever you decide, it will be gorgeous! Can you wait until they are all finished, and decide then? I think that when you have a larger area stitched, that you may know better.

  2. Millie, You were spot on. I stitched more of the stones and found that I loved it more and more with each one I completed. Its very bold & graphic! I will post another picture latter today.

  3. So glad you are liking it! Can't wait to see it.