Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doll-E-Bed by Amsco

Why are vintage doll items so cute? This precious little metal bed was a gift from my mother to my girls. I had it tucked away because it seemed just a little to important for a my little girls play. I also must admit I am absolutely struck giddy by it's vintage blue enamel paint, whimsical label and little rubber casters. So maybe I was just saving it for my own personal pleasure.
How come children's things can not be made this stink'n cute today!!! The blue of this paint picks up a blue in the girls new vintage style bedding so well, that I finally took it out of the cupboard and put it together. Now, I am trying to decide what kind of bedding I should make for it.
It still has it's blow up mattress intact. The mattress was inside two pillowcases. The first is a white flour sack type material and the second is white linen with cotton lace. The linen one is damaged beyond my repair abilities and appears to have been cut down from an adult pillowcase. It is lovely and I love it all the more because it isn't perfect. I have an old chenille bedspread which I picked up at a garage sale over the summer. It is damaged so I thought I might cut it up and use it for the doll bed.

On a totally separate note. How fantastic are these tags. Vintage playing card recycled into garage sale price tags. I love this idea because what do you do with a deck of cards that is missing one or two out of the deck? Actually, there were tons of good ideas at this garage sale. The couple who's sale it was spends all year collecting stuff and then has one amazing sale in the summer. When ever I drive past their house I have an urge to stop by and invite myself in for coffee. I am looking forward to their next sale so I can hopefully get to know them better in a more socially appropriate manner!

Back to the bed! I was hoping to find a vintage ad that depicted the bedding that might have gone on this little bed. But alas it must have sold without any or with bedding sold separately. The ad does say that the Doll-E-Bed was only $2.99. Amazing. So if you have any thoughts or historical info about bedding for my bed please pass it on to me. The girls are utterly smitten with this little piece of history. And are taking great joy in using it for their dollies just the way it is. They seem to understand that it's old and needs to be used gently. Which makes me think that giving children the opportunity to have fine things teaches them how to appreciate and care for them maybe sooner than they would learn it otherwise.

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