Monday, March 30, 2009

Peep Show

We love marsh mellow Peeps around here. They brighten our dreary spring Minnesota days with their pastel cheeriness. I snatched up eight of these darling eggs cups from Target of all places. They are just perfect for the kids because they are made from a melamaine type plastic. I knew right away that I wanted to felt some sweet peeps for inside them. The kids had fun helping me crack the eggs by tapping a spoon around the top and peeling back the shell. They dumped out the contents and then I washed the egg shells out in very hot soapy water and let them dry. The kids then used markers to color polka dots on them. Ella had fun too but she broke all her shells. Thankfully Dunn and Soren made plenty to share. Each chick is assembled from two felted balls that I then felted together. These would be so cute out of yarn pom poms too. After I joined the felt balls I felted on their beaks and either sewed bead eyes on or felted them. They have big orange feet so they stand easily. I made them large enough to completely fill the egg. I used dyed wool bating instead of roving so they have a shaggy fluffy appearance. The kids are having a lot of fun putting on a hatching show with them. Watching the kids play has made me want to make up some Easter finery for the peeps. Gingham aprons and spring hats with ridiculously large brims and flowers would fit the bill perfectly.

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