Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birds, Business & Other News

Lots of birds around here. The needle felted wedding order variety flew out the door this morning. I am enjoying making these wedding cake toppers very much....most of the time. I am a worrier. So I worry if the bride will be happy. I worry about the fact that I never get these shipped off when I say I will. And finally I worry that the bride won't receive the birdies due to postal service chaos. I have yet to have an unhappy bride or loss in the mail so why do I continue to worry?
I am happy to report that Mama Robin successfully hatched 3 of her babies about two days ago. After the brutal squirrel attack that she endured, and the subsequent loss of one egg, I wasn't so sure she would make it through the 13 day incubation period. But she did! The kids each get to take a peak at the babies once a day. So fun to see how much they have changed in just a couple of days.
The surprise of all surprises today was that I was contacted by a craft book publications editor asking me if I would like to submit a project for consideration for a publication in spring 12010! Huge right? Actually, I am a little over the moon about it as it seems crazy that someone would think one of my projects was book worthy.
Off to the Children's Theatre with Soren and Dunn this evening to see Ramona Quimby. I love going more than they do I think. But don't let them know that as they think it's all for the kids.
Finally one more wedding order that left today........


  1. I just watched pigeons nest outside my window .... it's so interesting... and my Indian in-laws would be so delighted if I wore pants like your giveaway ones in my size! :) (No baby girls, so not entering.) I like your blog!

  2. oh your birdies are so sweet. Lovely!