Monday, June 22, 2009

Collecting Polish Dolls ~ Red shoe diary~

If I collect something, it is usually a useful item. Transfer Ware china (to complete a set), fabric (for clothing), sewing notions, vintage linens (to use), antique euro lithographs (for art) to name a few. Yes of course, over the years I have collected beyond need in all the above categories. But it's still useful stuff. Just more than I can use in this lifetime.

Rarely do I become smitten with something that doesn't have a purpose other than just making me stink'n happy. The thing that has stole my heart are these.

They are Polish tourist dolls from the 60's. They are poseable, stand on their own and come in a wide variety of dress. Many are blond and have mohair wigs. On the way to me right now are three red head dolls. Two girls and a boy with a beard! I will take pictures when they arrive.
I do love a good pair of red shoes. These laced up boots are to die for.
Oh my that nose! And those sideways glancing eyes......are you in love yet?

Little Bo Peepish.
Tea at grandmas?
Ooh Sailor boy, you do make my heart swoon. The dolls with hand painted eyes are my favorite. But I like the transfer eyes too. I have found no information about why some are hand painted. I am guessing it had to do with artistic ability or the area they were made in.
Ditch the girl sailor boy.

With any luck I will have a Hansel doll on the way to me shortly to complete my Hansel & Gretal Fairytale. And yes the witch is missing her nose but I think I can glue a new wood bead in it's place (that's what it should look like). This doll should have a big ol' round wood nose. Look at her eye brows! Goodness.

Nothing would make me happier than to find a box of blank doll bodies so I could dress them my self. How fun would that be?

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  1. oh, my god, are so sweet dolls. i love this.

    greetings karin