Friday, August 21, 2009

Acorns for Squirrels

I have come to the realization that sewing with the fabric in my stash needs to happen quickly. I purchased the acorn print corduroy last fall meaning to sew pants from Ottobre with it for Soren. When I pulled it out this year Soren looked at it and said "too babyish mom". Ugh! When I looked through my stacks of fabric I became slightly panicked knowing she was suddenly going to say that about most of the prints I was hoping to use this fall. Now I am on an Ella sewing binge in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Ella is happy when I sew for her. She doesn't make demands about cut and color. She doesn't have an opinion about whether I make a dress or a skirt or even pants. She just beams at me with her big blue eye's and says "For me mama ? Tank you Mama, Tank you!". Then she gives big bear hugs and wet noisy kisses and holds her new clothes tight to her chest. Awe shucks, she is nice.
"You dress me up mama?"
You bet darling! Can I take your picture too?
"Uh huh mama, I show you my squirrel mama."
Ella, Momma loves you baby!
"Luvs you too mama. Miss you too mama. I get down now mama?"
Jumper: Babushka Pinafore Ottobre 1/2009
Fabric from Joann Fabrics fall 2008
I used the Squirrel applique pattern from the same Ottobre issue. I layered two
colored buttons over each other and sewed them on with embroidery floss knotting
the floss on top of the button instead of on the inside of the garment.

Pants: Portabello Pixie Ruffle Pants


  1. I love, love, love this jumper. Followed the link over here from the Flickr Ottobre sewing pool. So cute!