Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birds of a feather & skirts stick together

Erin McMorris Park slope fabric is really amazing stuff. I love the patterns and color ways. I just don't seem to get sick of it :) This is the other skirt I made made last weekend. My sweet heart is not in a picture taking mood so there were slim picking to choose from on the photograph front. I used the Farbenmix Summer Love Skirt ebook pattern (SommerLiebe ebook). It is a four panel skirt with two options for the waistband (stretch knit or woven fabric). If you google it you will find lot's of creative examples of folks sewing with the pattern. Also search Flickr. Amazing! The pattern is a snap to sew with and I love how small each panel is. You can use up a bunch of small pieces of fabric in one skirt. It's so hard to find good printed knits with enough stretch around here. Banberryplace has loads of the stuff in great Euro prints if you go on the hunt and they have a sale going on this weekend. So for this skirt I used my skirt fabric and a third print. I got to use some of my crochet cotton lace trim for around the bottom! Just a note on sizing. I sewed a 136/140 for Soren who is wearing a size 6/7 US. She is tall and thin so I opted for a size bigger than what I would buy in Euro sizes to get a little more length on the skirt.
More Park Slope! I sewed this last fall but never took pictures of it. This skirt is so tea with grandma. It has a sweet girly vintage style to it with a modern pop of color.
The apron is attached. I make apron strings to insert at the side seams of the waistband.
The skirt still has an elastic waistband. And the apron strings are functional. So convenient to not have your apron fall off when the strings come untied.
And here's one more from winter.
This time I took a vintage sheer nylon apron apart and pieced it back together while assembling the skirt. I used the same method of inserting the apron strings at the waistband side seams. The apron even had a pocket with a hole in it that I was able to remove.
I am really looking forward to hitting the sewing machine again in a few weeks. Yea for back to school!

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  1. These skirts are so adorable! I love the built-in aprons.