Thursday, November 12, 2009

UFP's a post about nothing

I know I am not the only person around craft town with a boat load of UFP's. What is a UFP you ask? Unfinished projects my dears. My whole life feels sorta like one big UFP right now. Shall I give you the run down?
~Ella got 5 stitches in her leg and needs to have them removed today- 1 UFP
~Dining room / Sun room remodel project needs completion and both rooms complete redecoration- Technically that's 3 UFP's
~Several needle felted cake toppers and assorted critters that need eye's and other necessaries - 5 UFP's
~No less than 8 sewing projects cut out and supplies gathered for holiday giving - 8 UFP's
~One advent elf from last year that needs completing before December this year - 1 UFP (though with all those stink'n pockets it should count for more.) Even worse the new Marie Claire Idees has a new one I want to make!
~Boxes of stuff to photograph to put up in POCKETFULL shop - I'll say that's just 1 UFP
~Then there are a slew of inherited UFP's all involving my mother and needle & thread which I feel some historical weight to complete/alter/use in some fashion as I can not stand to throw them out!- 6 UFP's This one I need to photograph for prosperity.
~ Promised UFP's in which I have promised folks tutorials, pattern pieces or some other bit of creative knowledge (1 tut, 1 pattern, 2 life size woven trees and 1 felting class) - 5 UFP's
~The final UFP is a big one and it's probably where all my mojo has gone. That's because it's a secret UFP and I am not aloud to share it with anyone outside my house. I think the weight of this one is preventing me from completing any given task. UGH! - One massive UFP.
Grand total: 31 UFP's
I could probably add a few if I thought real hard about it for a bit. What I am hoping for here is through the public admittance of total complete failure and acknowledging how I am feeling about said failure, I will find a foothold out of my UFP funk.

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  1. secret UFP => are you busy making another one of those darling children?