Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Big Move

The New Year Has started with a bang! I woke this morning around 5 AM freezing my tush off to find that the power was out in our neighborhood. This is Minnesota, so of course it was close to zero when the power went out. The thermostat read 52 degrees inside. Burr!

Last night we made it home from our ski trip to Taos, NM around 8 pm and did lots of unpacking and greeting of our house. It was a much needed vacation for us all. And yet it is so nice to be home. The New Year will find us better rested and more relaxed. At least for a bit. Now here comes the really big BANG! We will be readying our home for the real estate market over the next couple of weeks. Jon has accepted a new job in Seattle, Washington. So with much excitement and a little heart ache we will be relocating there. Jon starts his new job in February and I will follow with the kids when we have closed on a new house.

I am just starting to panic a little bit about the amount of effort this is going to take. Moving cross country with three kids and a dog. Keeping my house ready to show at the drop of a hat with three kids and a dog. I, by nature am an assimilator. I have lived all over the place and am excited to try out a new local. But the process of getting there is a little over whelming.

Blogging and crafting will be taking a backseat until we are settled. I will be popping in from time to time with little updates on the moving drama.

I still plan on doing the sew along! And will be contacting the folks that emailed me while I was on vacation.


  1. Congratulations on the move! I would love to live in the PNW, I've heard the crafting scene there is amazing. Don't worry about the sewalong if you don't have time! No worries.

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood! If you need any local help, let me know (I'm in Redmond)...

  3. Oh boy... moving is such a heavy thing! we moved 3 times in our marriage! Now I a m quite finished with moving!!!! We live here for 4 years and I don't want to move for at least 10 years! LOL! I wish you all the best in your new home!
    Thanx for your nice post on my blog... I was at work today when my college mailt me your blog... So credits to her!
    Think i am goining to try some tonight... hairpins....
    Love from the Netherlands....