Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog Inspiration Sunday

I have found so many wonderful sewing blogs as of late that it would be remise of me not to share.  For the next several Sundays I will feature a blog / blogger that is providing me with much needed sewing inspiration.  First Up:

Sinje Lübbke
Hamburg, Germany
blogging at HausMaus

One of the things I adore about Sinje's sewing and blogging is that she models what she sews and posts the pictures.  Not only does she model her sewing but she seems to really enjoy doing it.  Pumping life and vitality into her creations, giving a true sense of what the garment would look like in everyday activity.  I must admit that she is sewing on my dream machine (Bernina 75 Anniversary Edition) and there are pictures of this beauty mid stitch.  It's like porn for the seamstress!  What keeps me coming back for more is the variety of clothes and acessories that she is wipping up.  She also sews in knits frequently, and this is a fabric that I am trying to gain more confidence in working with.

Sinje writes on her blog in German however her flickr pool is labeled clearly in English.  She does a fantastic job of labeling her pictures with the pattern number and other important information.  I love it when sewers do this as I frequently look up the patterns for myself and take note of them for future projects.  As an added little something extra Sinje also contributes to the Bernina Corporate Blog. I think this is quite the accomplishment at the age of 28!

I hope you find inspiration in Sinje's sewing style...Enjoy~

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  1. Dear Sonja,

    you cannot imagine how surprised and thrilled I was to find your blog and your wonderful and kind comments on my blog and my sewing!
    If I may say so, I really love what you are sewing, too. Keep up the great work and again - thank you!


    PS - I'm only 21, but really - I'm quite flattered to read that I look older, because with my high-pitched voice and my small figure I am often thought to be a teenager :)