Monday, March 22, 2010

GO fly a....

My Dunn burns through the knees in jeans like only a 5 year old boy can. He's a real professional and it kills me. $35 dollar gap jeans last maybe a month before the knees are a tattered faded mess. He performs this operation to multiple pairs at once mind you. And yes I am fully aware that I could by him less expensive jeans. Have you seen boys in Gap jeans? To stink'n cute to pass up I am afraid. So what is a mom to do? Patch them I say. We have about another 6 weeks to solid shorts weather and I need these jeans to hang in there.

I am on a mission to patch 4 pairs of jeans over the next couple of days. Here's tonight's victim.....
The other knee is ready to bust through but I couldn't decide what should be flown.  A spaceship?  A plane?  the obvious Kite?  Or something that doesn't even a bulldog?  What do you think would be funny?

Dunn was so excited that I was making him something that he put them on right away.  I never make the poor boy anything.  I feel happy and guilty at the same time.  The JOY of Motherhood.

Boys happen to be difficult to photograph because they don't hold still much.

I could go on with the boy pictures but I will spare you the download time.

How To:
Fabric:  Natural cotton duck
Stencil:  Cut on my circuit personal cutter using freezer paper instead of card stock.
Paint:  Ha Ha got to use some of my Jacquard Neoopaque in black from my Chanin project
Fusible web:  Pellon for applique
Stitched:  With the button tread from my Chanin project as well.  Notice I left the knot's exposed on the outside?


  1. Hmm, I already commented and now it's gone. But I came back to say I hope my previous (now-missing) comment didn't come out wrong. I love the jeans fix! We need more cool stuff for boys, this is perfect.

  2. Adorable. And I think he should definitely go fly a bulldog.