Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inside The Box

Don't you just love the sound of a package being dropped on your front porch? I can hear the UPS truck coming from the end of the block. It squeals to a stop outside and I can see Mike (yup, I know his name) get up from his seat and head to the back of the truck. I try and act nonchalant (like I haven't been waiting all morning for his arrival) by not going out to great him. Instead I open the door just as he's walking away. Mike always turns around and gives a wave when he hears the door open. Did I mention Mikes hot? No? Let's put it this way....I don't mind the UPS shipping charges when I order online because I know that along with my order comes a visit from Mike. My UPS Man.

So what's in the box your wondering? Not the green sewing machine from my last post. I do own a version of that machine but it's not a Three Kings. I am not sure what brand it is but it is identical. It was my grandmother’s sewing machine and is in perfect working order. Having been sewn on my grandma for more than 60 years I think she's worth saving. It was the first thing she bought herself when she was working in a Seattle chocolate factory during World War II.

So what's in the box your still wondering?

Natalie Chanins new book and 6 yards of her organic cotton jersey in Blue Slate. Yummy!!!

I have picked the Spiral Applique & Beaded Camisole Dress as my first sewing project.  More organic cotton jersey will be here this week from  Chanin's cotton jersey is $18 a yard.  The pattern I am sewing requires 6 yards as it's completsly self lined. the math!  So I ordered more from at a fraction of the price to compare quality.  I'll let you know what I find out when Mike brings it on Friday.

I am a little concerned about lining this dress.  The Blue Slate Jersey seems quite heavy to have two layers.  However, since Chanin is a accomplished clothing designer, I am going to follow her lead for the first project. 
Thursday I will be tracing the pattern and cutting out the dress.
Friday I will stencil my applique fabric.
Saturday I will cut out the appliques
And on Sunday I will start a stichin.

I will photograph each step of the process with a blog post outlining any changes or choices I have made.
Wish me LUCK!

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  1. Ooooh, I have the first book and started one skirt. One. Never finished it, but started. I can't wait to see what you make! Have you checked out BurdaStyle's contest on the Alabama Stitching techniques? Love the entries!