Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who steals a minivan with three car seats in it?

Last night such an individual did exactly that while we all snoozed softly in our beds. A Toyota Sienna Minivan might be about the most uncool vehicle imaginable that one could steal. However mine is a snazzy apple red which might have been the enticing factor.

Here's a recap of my life at this very moment...My house is for sale, My husband is in Seattle (Mukilteo really), I have been single parenting for 8 weeks and now, My only vehicle has been stolen with the car seats in it and we have about one cup of milk left. Oh! and yesterday my less than a year old Electolux vacuum died. You need a working vacuum when your trying to sell your house. You also need a car so that you can get out of your house for showings.

I really feel like sitting down and having an ugly cry...the kind where my eyes get huge and puffy red and snot runs out of my nose and loud wailing noises emanate from a deep hidden spot in my gut. But I can't do that yet because I am waiting for the insurance people to call me back.



  1. You poor, poor, thing!! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Sending prayers from MS for you and your family!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about this! Hopefully the authorities can help.
    We are aso relocating back to WA. As a creative person, I am guessing you will love Seattle. I am looking forward to going back (and hoping the Navy keeps us there a while!)
    Best Wishes!

  3. I hate those kind of days! I hope you had a chance to have your big ugly cry. I hope even more that tomorrow is a better day.

  4. Oh honey, I want to sob loud ugly sobs for you! That's awful. I sincerely hope whoever stole your minivan needed it for her own five kids (three of whom are still in car seats).

    I hope tomorrow and the day after that are soooo much better. And your house sells. Tomorrow.

  5. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and it just isn't fair! I'm wishing nice things for you.

  6. I hope thigs get better! I send a big hug your way!

  7. That sucks. Nothing feels worse than looking out and seeing the car gone. Except for maybe opening the fridge and seeing the milk cartoon empty. Sorry and sending evil mean rotten thoughts to whoever stole your snazzy red mom-mobile.

  8. Apparently this does happen. It happened to me, just after we made a bold move and were not moved in, and I was still needing a job to pay the bills in our new apartment. I had an ugly (though I loved it) purple mini van with no extras other than the 3 carseats (yup just like you)! I just thought it had to have been towed for some weird reason because, really, who steals a minivan?! Some people!

    This is a somewhat older post so it looks like you've gotten things worked out. Hope you vacation leaves this awful event lingering in the dust! ;)