Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dunn's Marshmallow Shooter Party

Boys are nice.  They are so very easy to please.  And best of all they think their mothers are the best thing to ever grace the planet.  My boy is now six years old.  Yes, I have managed to keep the child alive for six whole years and I can not think of a better reason to have a party than that.

On Saturday NINE spectacularly boisterous little boys assembled PVC pipe Marshmallow Shooters and proceeded to wreck havoc on the neighborhood.  They terrorized innocent doggies being walked by worried owners.  They were loud, fast and dirty.  They spent three hours truly being boys.  I heard the ABC's recited via armpit farts.  It was a good day.  My neighborhood association will likely send me a letter on Monday requesting that I remove thousands of mini marshmallows from my grass.  I am praying that marshmallows are indeed biodegradable.  I have my doubts.

This is a great boy party to host and would work well for boys 6 and up.  Older boys could cut out all of their own gun pieces and sand them.  For this party Jon did the cutting and sanding in advance and the boys just assembled their shooters.  On the barrel of each boys shooter I put a name so we knew who's shooter belonged to who.  Dunn's shooter name was "Diabolical Dunn".  Other names we used were:  "Drop The Hammer Drew",  "Will The Whiz", "Cannon Ball Carson" get the idea.  I used my Circuit Expressions cutter to do the lettering in black adhesive vinyl. 

For the invitation I used this cartoon blueprint.  The blueprint has the directions for building the shooters we made.  We did choose to make the mouth pipe 5 inches instead of three inches so that it would be easier to hold and shoot.  When priced out each shooter cost about $5 to make using schedule 40 PVC pipe (the nice stuff).  You can purchase a kit for $10 here (using a lesser grade pvc).  HOWTOONS is a pretty awesome resource for party ideas and fun projects to do at home with the kids.  I really want to do this one and this one too!

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  1. They looked like they loved it! What a brilliant idea!