Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mingle Top and Wonder Tape

In my last post I featured a couple of my wadders from the last week.  Both tops were meant for Made by Rae Spring Top Week.   Ugh!  I attempted a third top and was successful.  Not like "best top ever sewn" successful.  More like "I wore it all afternoon and received several compliments on it" successful.  Pretty good right?  I'll take it and be happy wearing it.  I photographed myself wearing it today as we finally have sun! Pictures were taken on timer so they are baaaad.
 The fabric is once again one of my mocking fabrics (if you have mocking fabric of your own join the flickr pool).  Its called "Mingle" by Robert Kaufman.  It no longer mocks me.  Haha!  The pattern is Sis Boom Dana.  I was on the fence about this pattern while making it.  But it has won me over.  I will be sewing it again as a dress with a belt or even a tunic.  It has an interesting assembly process for the little band and ruffle at the top.  You can kind of see it better in this next photo.
The pattern calls for two items that I had not used before.  Tricot fusible interfacing which I am absolutely in love with.  How did tricot escape my notice before.  The second item is wonder tape.  Wonder tape is life altering.  I used it where the pattern called for it.  But I also used it to stabilize my gathers.  Did you take that in?  Stabilize my gathers!!!  So that when I stitched them to the band they didn't move!!!!  This is huge people.  Take a moment to absorb the life altering info I have just bestowed upon you.  HUGE!

If you are in need of some sewing inspiration then head over to the Spring Top Flickr Pool.  There are some amazing tops entered by some truly gifted woman.  I am just green with envy, I tell you...green.

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is just lovely. I really like the ruffles at the front. It looks like a very comfy shirt for summer, I think I have a new project...

    (I'm a bit lazy and didn't sign in)

  2. I like it! That fabric really suits it too.. great top!