Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lusting over Union Jack

I love flags in general.  But there is just something special about the Union Jack.  I have been collecting images of them on Pinterest and really wanted to work one into my son Dunn's room. Our dog Max has recently decided to be roomies with Dunn.  The perfect time to make a new dog bed to match his room. 

The Union Jack Dog Bed

 This is a pretty big bed.  32x46 inches.  It is stuffed with 4 standard bed pillows.  The perfect way to reuse older pillows instead of throwing them away.  Also you can wash them unlike most large dog bed inserts.  I used denim & twill fabrics and I left all my applique edges raw as I want them to fray a bit in the wash.

Hanging above the dog bed is a vintage poster from 1975 by Ken Dallison highlighting Charles Lindbergh's achievements. The drawings are done in pen and watercolor which gives them a wonderful times gone by charm.   Perfect for a little boys room.



  1. dunn ready for Football

    1. No football for Dunn this year. He has fallen madly in love with Soccer!