Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Face Book

I had drinks with my dear friend Karen and a group of ladies that she had assembled from the neighborhood at our local wine bar. Great thing to do! I enjoyed meeting some woman whom I might not ordinarily have crossed paths with. All of these gals are dabbling in Face Book. I felt so out of it...dare I say un-hip? In any event the next day I too was on face book and was easily pulled in by the ease of finding people from years past. It's time consuming (I was warned) and sometimes not that fulfilling. For instance very few of my friends are on face book. So I am living vicariously through the 15 or so people who I do know. There is one thing I have learned from this foray.....people are much more free revealing their personalities in this format versus in person. I guess with all the constraints life puts on us (spouses, children, work) it is nice to have a place to just be yourself when you want!

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