Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Japan with Love

I received something special in the mail today! I showed great restraint in not tearing this little envelope open. Instead I opened it slowly so I could share it with you. You know it's going to be good when the package has a tiny blue "Par Avion" sticker on it.

Inside was this little bundle all wrapped up in a pretty Japanese paper with a little gold foil sticker keeping it closed. And inside of that paper was this.............

A very sweet set of nesting doll stamps, four colors of fabric stamp pads and a small roll of very fine linen tape for stamping. All purchased from here It came so quick too. What fun! I can not wait to try it all out. The ink can be heat set and then it is washable. A great way to label the children's clothes for summer camp, make labels for projects you sew, and about a million other ideas all running through my head at once. I will post my results after I have a chance to put a project through the wash.
Outside of the fabulous design and craft aesthetic coming out of Japan right now there is this......the sweet little thank you's. I love the thought that goes into the little something extra that many merchants send with your order. She knew I had children so she sent these. Sweet little packages of tissue. Something no mom can have to many of. My girls will be just delighted to find Hello Kitty tucked into a coat pocket.

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