Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A craft Pinata just exploded in my house

That will be my excuse should anyone just pop in to visit this evening or probably tomorrow too. I don't know about anyone else, but I can create the biggest crafting mess you have ever seen. And not just in one zone. I spread my crafty chaos around. No flat area is spared. I walk around while I craft. Dunno why. Just do. This is the buffet in my dining room. I have two projects going on plus some shipping and photographing work. I have been sewing allot for the girls. And needle felting up a storm for wedding orders. Not to mention a few crafty detours along with the work.

There is no good reason for this woolly mess. I had a feverish moment of needing one more wisp of pink wool. Pulled every color out of the bag to find it.

In the sun room. The ironing board is there as well. Couldn't take a picture because it's cover is so ugly. A new one has been on my to do list for at least two weeks. A new iron too. There are more pictures. But I think you get the point. The mess is so big at this point that cleaning it up and putting everything away properly is going to be an undertaking.

I big light bulb moment today was because of this mess. I thought, now I understand how my children feel when in a creative flurry they dump out an entire bin of the littlest Lego's imaginable to find just the right piece and then I say to them now you are going to have to clean that up! (massive run on) The look on their sweet little faces is utter despair. How on this green earth am I ever going to clean this up all by myself? I'll be like 10 by the time I get done. I am never going to say that to them again. My modeling behavior is telling then to be free...create. And that's just what I want them to do. I'll help clean up the Lego's. So let me leave you with a couple happy pictures born from my creative mess.

Sweet little Mint Julep birdie for a custom order.
Flower Pocket skirt for Soren.

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