Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jumping through Hoops

Embroidery hoops that is. At my favorite thrift store yesterday I found these wood embroidery hoops (9 hoops for $10). No one needs this many hoops but I was thinking of them as frames. Frames for all the zillions of fabrics that are almost too beautiful to sew with. I have seen this idea floating around the blogs for a bit. So clever! What a wonderful way to create some inexpensive graphic art. And best of all when I get tired of looking at the fabric print on the wall I can take it down and actually sew with it!

After redoing the girls room I have yet to put up art. So I thought I might use some of the hoops for their walls. I am crazy about Etsy artist Elizabeth Hurley's embroidered fabric art. I might try something along these lines with big flowers and vintage chenille. I think they are very charming. She also has some framed in hoops. I had the chance to see one of her pieces in person at Crafty Planet in North Minneapolis and it was very nicely done. Love her fabric choices and color combos.

During the same trip I also found a couple vintage U.S. flags. You are either a flag person or your not. I am. Especially if they are old stained flags. I have this one hanging outside my house this very moment. I just love it.

I picked up this one too. It is HUGE. And absolutely splendid in every way. It measures around 7 long. I hung it from porch swing hooks in my front porch. And as you can see it reaches from the ceiling to about a foot off the floor and is almost as wide as the porch itself. It is way to big to hang anywhere in or on my house but I still had to bring it home with me. If you could see it in person you would understand why. It is stained and discolored to cottony antiquary perfection. God bless America!

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