Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fabric Goodness

I feel like a little kid skipping around and singing "Lucky me, lucky me, lucky me"! I finally had time to go through my haul from the Textile Center Garage sale. Really go through it....and touch it, and play with it and sort it. Kinda like when I was little and would dump out my Halloween treat bag in the middle of the living room floor and spend an hour pondering and organizing my sugary luck.

I didn't walk away with as much fabric as I thought I would. But what I did get I like very much.
This is a vintage screen printed imported heavy weight linen that was $4 for two yards. The colors are crazy vibrant. I love, love love it. Have no idea what it will become. I just like looking at its texture and color so maybe it doesn't have to become anything.

This one was a surprise! I thought it was vintage but when I opened it up it was actually an Ikea Curtain Panel. It could be vintage Ikea. But since we have one here that is about 5 years old I hedge a bet that it isn't. It is super long and the fruit and veggies are in some of my favorite colors. $3

Absolutely obnoxious turquoise and lime green pique border print. 2 yards $2. Have no idea what this will be either but once again the color got me. And two other woman in my group were ready to snatch it from me if I changed my mind.
Heather Bailey Bijouxi Tiled Primrose 2.5 yards for $10. I already have several of the coordinating prints form this line so I was glad to get this.

I also picked up more bags of trim, laces and ribbon than was appropriate. On woman joked that I was a trim whore. I think she may have been right :) Mind you this isn't all of it.....

Wow! Do I love this color. An almost complete roll of turquoise ribbon with polka dots, roses and crochet running the edges. That blue and green one is knit or something.

Lots of the woven white and red trim. It has a Scandinavian feel to it and I can think of many places to use it. Good velvet ribbon always gets my attention and the fact that this one is in my favorite green makes me giddy.

See the blue floral bias tape in the middle. If I had purchased nothing else at the sale I would have been happy. It is vintage but I can't say for sure from when. It is folded bias and it is beautiful. The top tiny floral is another lucky me. It is double fold bias from the 50's I think. There is just enough for a small project.

Lots more wovens. So fun.

Vintage lace. The very delicate barely there kind. Several feel like linen. All of them are something natural except the big one on the end.


That black and white lace is very fun.

More lace in pretty colors.

Vintage Bias will buy it every time. Especially if I can find it in pretty colors.

Packs of hem lace tape.

I have never seen this Clara Cow Spool Friend before. She had bias trim wrapped around her. Really thin fine good cotton stuff. Anyway, you cut her out and attach her to an empty spool of thread. Copyright 1935. Click the picture to enlarge it!

Lastly another cardboard insert from bias tape with an apron pattern printed on it. So sweet. Click the picture to read the directions!

I could go on with more pictures. On and on but I think everyone will get the idea. Trim whore.


  1. What a treasure trove of fabric finds! The woven braids are especially lovely.

  2. So YOU bought up all the trim at the Textile Center Sale. I was trying to get my hands on whatever I could but there wasn't much left. I did get a big roll of black fur, though, so I really shouldn't be complaining.... Nice to meet another MN blogger as well!

  3. i Love the ikea fruit panels, bought mine new in about 2001. That may help you out with their age.