Monday, April 20, 2009

The Textile Center Garage Sale

Attending the preview night of the Textiles Center's annual fundraising garage sale was the highlight of my weekend. Maybe my month. I have never been to The Textile Center in Saint Paul prior to this so I had no idea what the event would be like. A couple gal pals were wrangled into going with me. There is always power in numbers especially at this type of event. When we arrived at the Textile Center we found a block-long line of women waiting in line clutching carryalls. I had a brief moment of panic realizing that I didn't have the forethought to bring a bag for the treasure I was bound to score. Excitement quickly replaced the panic as the line swiftly moved into the building and throngs of woman spilled into the garage sale room after turning over a $25 fee. I seriously let out a squeal when I saw all the fabric stacked head high on the tables. Not only fabric, but bolts of fabric, trims, unfinished projects, patterns and every imaginable sewing supply one could ever dream up. Total overload! I just started stuffing anything with possibilities into my one paper grocery sack. Then proceeded to fill my arms as well.
After I was so laden with fabric that I could no longer look through the stacks or catch the occasional fabric avalanche off the tables I made a pile against a small open wall. The benefit of going with friends is that while they are searching they score stuff for you and hand it off as they pass. At the 10 minute warning call the gals and I sat on the floor by our piles and quickly sorted through our load trying to thin it out, doing some swapping and congratulating each other on a pretty fantastic girls night out and the many tresures each of us found. I have an urge to do one of those priceless commercials now.
Admission fee to charity event ~ $25
Beautiful fabric and copious amounts of trimmings ~ $43
Sitting on the floor with friends going through your score ~ Priceless
Afterwords we hit a local pizza joint to celebrate our crafty windfall over a slice and a beer. Just perfect!

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  1. I love this! We have the twice a year florence eismann warehouse sale here, where they sell fabrics as well as clothes. It is a bonanza, but I am always overwhelmed, and end up with much less than I wanted in the first place.