Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

Love the Heather Ross weekend sewing book. The pictures are wonderful and I have enjoyed reading it. I actually didn't know anything about this designer outside of her lovely fabric. But took the plunge on the book because like my Japanese pattern books I thought the projects would be easy to customize.

The apparel patterns are way off on sizing in this book so I spent the better part of a day drafting the pattern to fit me, cutting and then sewing the dress. After all that I still needed to alter the finished dress a bit more to get it wearable. I am so happy I made a pattern so that I can make another one....maybe. But if I had to start all over again I would skip it. I am a size 4 and I think the summer blouse pattern in a size small is more like a size 8-10.
I took lots of pictures as I drafted the pattern, marked my changes and made the dress. But frankly it would be of no use to anybody because the changes were so extreme. So I am going to skip it. If I do make another dress I am going to change the placement of the bust darts. And make the skirt portion more straight instead of the a-line shape it has now.

I dropped the camera and broke the lens to bitsright after taking the dress photos!!! So sad because I finished a darling dress for Soren this morning that I was dying to take pictures of. A truly blissful sewing project using a vintage sheet with charming results. I hope that I will get to share soon.


  1. Is this one fabric or did you you two different fabrics from the Mendicino collection of Heather Ross and actually cut out a middle section? I've been looking through her line and haven't seen anything like your print exactly. Love it!

  2. Its two fabrics. Octopi in dark brown and mermaid in mustard yellow. Heather made the same dress and posted it on her blog and thats where I got the idea. I just cut out the mermaids following the lines of the print which gives you that wavy look. Then attached it to the dress before doing the placket.

  3. Thanks so much Sonja for the info. Just love that dress and it looks so great on you!