Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had the usual Easter sugary goodness and surprise this morning. I did manage to get all three to eat some scrambled eggs and cream cheese before they hit the crystalline sweetness. The best part of every Easter is hunting for the eggs. The children love this! This year they were all lined up at the door like thoroughbreds before a big race. Chomping at the bit and tense with excitement. Jon and I could barely get our shoes on and grab a camera before they shot out the door. We love watching their delight repeated over and over with each egg they find. This is such a simple pleasure that I think I will hide the eggs in the yard during the summer just for fun. Nothing in them. Just for the joy of finding them.

On a totally personal level I am going to confess that one of things I enjoy about Easter is the chance to assemble baskets that I know each one of them is going to enjoy. I love picking out special little things for them with out feeling guilty for buying them stuff they don't need. They are still young enough so that there is no competition between them. No comparing the baskets contents or who collected the most eggs and thus the most candy or money. So lovely. They are in the moment and just excited for their own individual windfall. They also have joy for their siblings happiness too. They congratulate each other upon the finding of an egg or for a discovery made in the basket. What a nice morning filled with very happy children and sunshine to boot. I Couldn't ask for much more.

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