Thursday, June 11, 2009

The thing I did Instead

Instead of the things that I should have been doing. It's not that often that I am granted an afternoon to craft or sew. I usually tuck such indulgences for between 5:30 am and when my first little person rises sometime around 7:00 am. That's my free time to do what ever nurtures me. Today was an exception. My dear friend Karen had Soren and Dunn over to play date with her two kids. The wee Ella took a nice long nap so I had about three hours of free time. Free time which really should have been used to get caught up on chores. But instead of mama washing the windows and prepping for dinner I made something new.
I have been working on a couple of owl patterns for felt. One to sell in my shop and the other for potential publication in a crafty book for Spring 2010. Creating PDF's is hard! Not the PDF part but the drawing of patterns, scanning them in to the computer, fiddling with them for hours, making them pretty and printable. Hard! I have so much appreciation for pattern designers now. There must be some good software for such things. If you know of any please pass names my way.
I love projects like this owl which use up all kinds of little crafty scraps. Crafty scraps accumulate at my house like crazy. It's like they get together when I am sleeping and reproduce. I also spent some time today sourcing wool felt for owl kits that I would like to put together for the fall. Finding wholesale sources for supplies is so time consuming. So, if you know a wool felt distributor pass along that info to me too please.

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  1. So cute! I often choose crafting over chores. And I'm sure there's software for patternmaking, but the ones I've seen are pricey!