Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DESTASH in progress

Back away slowly. This is your only and final warning..........

Do you know what happens when a woman who comes from a long line of woman who could recreate the worlds history of handicrafts should all of humanity be wiped clean from the earth and along with them every craft book DESTASHES? (insert a little overzealous horn tooting here)

It's almost to much to think about isn't it? I have been collecting an impressive collection of random interesting bits for half my life. Once again I come from a long line of woman who have done just the same thing so I can hardly take credit. I am also fully aware that people naturally think that there stuff is the greatest stuff ever. In any event, having given some thought on how to disperse of my most amazing stuff, I have decided to start another ETSY shop. As I go through stuff and decide that I can indeed go on creating without said stuff I will photograph it and possibly write something quippy to describe it (or not depending on my mood) and then put it up in the shop. It won't happen overnight. This is a slow destash. A destash with thought.

Up first are primarily items for Halloween and fall crafting. Stay tuned for more than a Pocketfull .

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  1. Where did you get so many mouth pieces??????