Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Web

It all started with this sweet elf, the advent web that I did weave. Well, sew really. Last year I started on this advent elf with the help of Calamity Kim's Tutorial. I had been admiring the advent elf in the Garnet Hill Catalog for some time. When I ran across Kim's awesome tutorial, I sat down in a frenzy of fabric & trims to whip up the rather large fellow. I knew I didn't have time to get all the pockets on before the December so I decided to put one pocket on each day. About half way through December I failed. And so this sweet elf has been sitting for an entire year incomplete. Now, another December 1st is here and I have been unable to face the elf. I am going to sit him by my sewing machine in the hopes of completing him this year.

In the meantime the children still need an advent calendar, right? I decided to whip up a version of this advent calendar from the latest issue of Marie Claire Idée’s.

I had everything on hand to do something similar. This is how mine turned out!

I used 24 inch wide Poultry Fencing (chicken wire) to hang my jute upholstery webbing pockets on. The poultry fencing is finished along the running length. I cut the fencing to size and wrapped the cut edges around sticks from the backyard. I used a black paint pen for the Noel and numbers. Little clothes pins attach the pockets to the wire. I love that the kids can turn each pocket around to the blank side at the end of the day. Even better is that this project took two hours start to finish!

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  1. I have never thought of chicken wire as cute before - this is a fantastic advent calendar!