Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Growing Business

It's official! Children have aged me. I can't believe that I looked so much younger 6 years ago. 6 years! That's less than a decade people. Goodness! But look at that sweet little dolly that I am holding. That is Soren, the child I worked so hard to get. She is 6 today. All of my insides are saying "scoop her up and poor her precious body into my chest cavity and keep her there forever". How can love hurt so much. I absolutely ache for the weight of her baby-ness. I don't want another baby. I want this one to stay little forever. Alas, I am told that this is impossible. So I will move on.
I have been on a bit of a sewing binge. I whipped up a Christmas skirt set and Birthday skirt set over the last 48 hours. The Christmas set was worn to school yesterday. The Birthday set was worn to school today. Please excuse the chocolate milk drips and paint.

For Soren's Birthday T Shirt I used 6 tally marks.  The tally mark idea came from Erin over at House On Hill Road. It was a huge hit at school today.  The skirt is made up 12 panels each in a different print from Anna Maria Horner and Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.  The skirt was also a big hit.  This was a fantastic way to use up some scraps and fat quarters.  Best of all, Soren is crazy about her skirt and Birthday t-shirt.

For the Christmas set I used Michael Miller Funky Christmas fabric. The ruffled bib on the t-shirt was so simple and fun to do.  I want to make myself one!


  1. such bright fun colors ! love the clever idea of putting tally marks on the t-shirt !

  2. How beautiful is she!!!
    Definitely a mini-you.
    My mini-me is 21 now, time flies when your having fun.
    I have 2 sons and one daughter, I adore my boys, but there is something special about a daughter and now she is a young woman, I see so much more of me in her and funnily I see my mum as well, who has sadly passed from us.

    Hold no to those precious moments.
    Much love

  3. From your very words in this post to your profile info above, your fabric selections, I would almost think I am reading my own blog! Not that I blog the same thoughts but I feel the same about my kids, dream about my own studio to share with friends and I am a Sisboom FANATIC and made a Kyoko out of the same Christmas fabric! I am glad I found your blog!