Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Find

My SMS giveaway lead me to several lovely new blogs to cyber stalk.  These were the blogs that on first viewing earned an instant spot on my reading list.  Here is my recap!

// Between The Lines //   Lovely pictures, clean aesthetic, simple crafty goodness from Paris no less. And best of all it's written in English!

Sew I Do  Novita living in Tokyo, a darling wallet tutorial, beautiful pictures of her sewing style. 

Stitch-Craft  Crafty Mama working for the Associated Press and writing about the things she makes.  So many wonderful projects to be found here!

Scrumdillydilly  The blog name is enough.  Think pink & aqua vintage recycled crafty lovelyness.

Sweet Sweet Life  Amy has a very sweet life indeed.  Her blog is wonderful eye candy and so is her
"evolving list of everyday inspiration" blog role.

I must have a real thing for blogs that start with the letter S. 

Good day!


  1. Mary Ann in VermontDecember 17, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Thank you for these links....I also, love them!
    Wishing you all of the joys, peace and love that this month brings.

  2. Sweet Sweet Life is one of my favourite blogs - I would definitely recommend it!

  3. Thank you Sonja (and Deb!)! I feel very lucky to have such a talented blog-friend. Made my day to find this! xoxox.