Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lovely Finds

A little impromptu thrift store visit yielded the following fun crafty goodness. For local ladies & gents the following finds are brought to you by Unique in NE Minneapolis.

Three rolls of vintage Lions Brand "Petti-Lace" in Mint Julep and Orange Creamsicle.  Each roll was originally 40 yards.  I estimate that there is more than 50 yards of the mint and 30 yards of the orange.
The polka dots are flocked on a sheer colored fine mesh.  The mesh is attached to the net lace underneath and the two layers can be pulled apart.

Fun Fun Fun!

I had to bring this home with me too.

30 yards of striped one inch suspender/belt elastic.  There was just so much of it.  What are the odds that I will ever come across 30 yards of suspender elastic again?

How about these sweet acetate ribbon bundles.  Once again there was just so many of them.  I apparently have a thing for volume and the letter S.


  1. brilliant! even better than ransacking grandmother's attic :-) i am inspired to follow your example!

  2. i've never heard of Unique before - maybe i should check it out some day...

  3. Holy cow! What a find! I'd love to see what you do with the vintage lace. I'm no good with trims, I need examples.

    What could I do with the striped elastic? I need to think. Think! Could it be used as a waistband? Would that be cute?