Monday, December 7, 2009

Surprise after Surprise!

Well several surprises really. First off I am surprised by the number of people that took the time to enter my surprise giveaway. 396! That is so many more people than I what  was expecting.  I have spent the last few days visiting everyone that left a comment around cyberspace. I learned so much about all you people. I now know that lot's of you like Orange! Orange? I was so surprised. And that I might very well be that last person on earth not quilting. This next year I am going to save all my fabric scraps from sewing clothes and give them away. I will make a quilter very happy. Surprise! The last big shocker for me is that if you ask people what they like many of them will actually tell you. I mean really tell you in a meaningful way.  Answers chock full of excitement, hope, humor and color.  Thank you to everyone who shared. It has been so nice getting to know you :)  I found some new blogs to follow and still have many that I want to go back and explore.  I will give a blog goodness recap on my findings later this week.

On to the Giveaway! Because there were so many entries I decided to give away more than one surprise package. picked the first winner and it was:

intriguing hook.... you got me!
i currently love to sew quilts. my favorite color is that shade of yellow-y green that could be either yellow or green, depending on what's next to it. and i have a terrible habit of collecting fancy ribbons and not using them because they're too pretty.

Then I picked two more! First I randomly picked someone who has choosen to follow my blog.  It makes me feel so good that people think what I am making is worth coming back to look at:

Simply EC
OK, I'm game! What fun. (And I love your blog, you make really interesting stuff, and your oilcloth cover tutorial is JUST what I've been looking for as we need to keep the table that was my husband's grandmother's mess and scratch free!)
I like making bags, jewelry, useful little things. I love to sew, I love making clothes and embellished clothing for my son, myself and my friends' children. I love buttons and trims. I love making toys. And I love vintage patterns. LOVE them. I've also discovered patchwork recently and love doing that as well.
My screenname just about everywhere is "arimethia: (flickr, craftster, twitter, etc.) and other links are on my blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

Then I picked someone, based on their comment, that I thought could use a little pick me up surprise in the mail. It is almost Christmas after all. The perfect time to pass on a little goodness to:

I adore surprises and sadly I rarely ever get one so I hope I win jst for the surprise.
OK, about me...I don't have a blog to help, so I'll do my best. Mostly sew for kids. I have 4 boys under 5 and tend to sew more for boys(wonder why?) I love making baby blankets and have just discovered quilting this year. I love flannel fabric in fun prints and minky. I have a bad case of stash envy. I have a very pathetic stash (at the moment I have 6 fat quarters) I tend to buy just what I need and haven't brought myself to just buy fabric because I like it. I have to have purpose before I buy. My new year resolution is to let myself buy fabric just because I like it and not because I have a planned use for it. I rarely use patterns, but when I do my projects always come out better with more ease then without. My favorite color combos are blues, greens, greys - reds, pinks, oranges - purple, green, gold. I knit, crochet and crosstitch but want to learn how to aplique this coming year. I think you now know more about me then my hubby. Thanks for the chance to win.

I will be contacting all the winners today.  I will post photo's of the surprise packages next week after I know the winners have received them (can't spoil the surprise).


  1. Oh how exciting! What a day this is turning out to be. I woke up to a blanket of snow AND to win a surprise giveaway?! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you, thank you! I'm so excited to have won one of your surprise packages! I see that we are next-door-state "neighbors." Didja get a lot of snow today? :)