Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just a little update to let everyone know our house in Minneapolis has finally sold. I had a celebratory two beer night last night. I also let the kids take out as many toys as they wanted and they didn't have to put them away before bed. Let's just say that made this morning a little more stressful for me but the kids think I am the most amazing mom ever. So off to Mom Hall of Fame I go.

Now on to the actual moving and packing and closing on this house. We put an offer in on a house in Mukilteo, WA. It's a short sale...Have any experience with those? A whole nother beast I tell you. In all likely hood the kids and I will be homeless for at least the month of June. So I am devising an all over the country road trip with three kids and a dog. I am calling it an adventure and not a vacation. During an adventure you expect things to go terribly wrong. Because part of the fun of an adventure is the unpredictability and digging yourself out from under unfortunate happenings. Whilst a vacation is horribly ruined if things don't go as planned. See, it's all about setting the expectations.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats and good luck on your "adventure!"

  2. Oh, how did I miss this post? I do have some experience with the short sale process. Let's just say it's slow. Then again, some banks have been known to get all zippy and reply within weeks of the offer! So yeah, unpredictable.

    Good luck on your adventure. Sounds like you're lost your mind.