Monday, June 14, 2010

It has been interesting...

To say the least. I have been on the road with the kids and our dog for 17 days now. The move went very smoothly. I can not sing the praises of professional movers enough. I hope that from this move forward that I am so lucky to be afforded such a service. I should use the word "move" loosely as it's only our stuff that has moved to a warehouse in Chicago. The children and I are still moving about the country.

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at Jon's parents lake home with siblings and cousins galore. It was such a relaxing end to what has been a busy four months. After our stint at the lake we drove down to Kansas City Kansas for a lovely two night visit with our friend Kat and her boys Ficher & Ty. All five kids ran around Kat's kid fest house at break neck speed and enjoyed each others company immensely. I just kept unwinding a little bit each day in Kat's relaxed presence. Thank you Kat!

Off to Colorado we went to stay in Monument with my brother Shawn and his wife Michelle. They have three little girls similar in age to my three. All 6 were busy from the start having a water gun fights, making water balloons and running off lots of energy. Much exploring of the woods behind their house ensued over the weekend along with general mess making and mischief. Just the sort of freedom my little people needed after the constraints of house selling perfection.

We are now in Taos, New Mexico visiting with my Mom & Dad. They have a lovely log home right on a mountain stream in the woods. An idyllic setting for all kinds of relaxing and discovery. I celebrated my 38th birthday on the 9th with dinner and a cold beer at Outback Pizza. A place I always visit when I am in town. We went to Santa Fe on Thursday and visited the Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico Art Museums. The New Mexico Art Museum had a stellar display of Cowboy Boots as art that made me want to run out and buy a pair. Truly amazing.
We will be in Taos for about another week and then we will head back to Colorado where Jon will meet us. We will all then drive to Washington together. Yea! On the house buying front we are still working through the short sale process on one house. We put an offer in on a second house in the same neighborhood and should know today if they have excepted our offer. Cross your fingers for me because this is the house I wanted all along. Will post a link to it as soon as I find out if it's ours.

On a sewing note I am working on an Alabama Chanin skirt. I have to figure out how to get the pictures from my camera onto my mom's computer so I can post them here. I am working on the beading of the third panel (3 of 4). Only one more to go and then I can assemble it. I hope to complete it while I am still here as it's the perfect kind of thing to wear in Taos.
Lastly, Thank you for all of the kind emails, Washington info and suggestions and general well wishes. It always makes my day to hear from you. I have found more interesting blogs and crafty artistic souls since I started blogging. So much inspiration out there.
Happy Trails,

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're having a fun road trip! I was thinking about you this weekend. Safe travels and good luck with your house.