Thursday, May 5, 2011

WADders and a Destashaway!

I do not usually show my Wadder sewing. 
WADder (wod'der') n.:  Sewing that turns out so badly that you wad it up and throw it in the trash. 
Oddly enough I love it when other sewists show there sewing goofs.  Though, rarely do I think other sewists wadders are truly wadders. So let me show them how to do it!
WADder One:

Awe, yes...patternless sewing at its best!  So, the top part is a really lovely Sea Island cream interlock left over from an Alabama Chanin project. There was just enough left for this and I thought I was being so very clever to use it up.  The bottom portion is one of mocking fabric prints from here.  More on that flickr group latter.  Once again I thought I was soooo very clever to finally use some of it.

The whole thing was a fail from the start.  I made the bodice way to big.  So I kept trying it on and cutting it down.  Ack!  Then I was stingy with the cutting of the print.  Why?  I don't know.  I used a strip from selvage to selvage.  Not nearly wide enough to be cute.  Stupid mistake.  And finally my gathers are so uneven.  I mean really a wreck.  I didn't bother hemming or top stitching.  I do not think one shoulder styles are even flattering on me.  So, at least I learned something good there.

WADder number two:
Admittedly, this one is not that bad.  Its just not right for my body.  I am too bony in the center of my chest and after three kiddos my "gals" just are not what they once were.

The sad news here is that I LOVED this fabric.  Even though I can't remember what it is.  Michael Miller or Robert Kaufman?  I had a strip of this given to me a few years ago but it was missing the selvage with the info.  And now I can no longer remember.  But I love it.  If anyone has some in there stash let me buy it off you...pretty please : )  The pattern is vintage 70's Butterick 6655 from my mom. 

I did have some sewing success this morning and I will post pictures of that tomorrow!

On to the DestashAWAY!...
Japanese pattern books.  The top one is Nani Iro.  None of the patterns appeal to me but of course I bought it for the styling.  Kinda cancer ward/ insane asylum chic.  Very intriguing.  The middle one is from he 80's I think and features Mother /Daughter and some Father / Son patterns.  Useful for the number of basic patterns that you have not likely seen in your more recent pattern books.  Be prepared to make lots of button holes and update the 80's styling.  The third one is more formal recital dress patterns for girls.  Some nice accessory patterns and a really nice lesson on making kilts.  Lots of fitted dress patterns...once again not the typical pull over styling on many Japanese pattern books. 

If you would like the books leave a comment with your email and I will draw a name on Sunday over my morning coffee : )



  1. Dude, those books look awesome! (and I have to admit, those don't look like wadders to me. I've had some doozies lately...)

  2. I just LOOOVE Japanese books - You cannot read the instructions but usually the pictures are the very BEST

  3. The books look really fun! It was brave to show your less favorite projects. I hide mine. :)

    msjbird at gmail dot com

  4. Your post is so funny! I have the same problem post children and have also fallen victim to trying to be too stingy with fabric that is 'giving me the evil eye'. I keep meaning to help along with the flickr group, but am feeling a little bogged down in university at the moment. I'm trying to limit my computer and sewing time - ugg! I have a remnant of Liberty Lantana that I am contemplating making into a frock for Adele. You know, another 'mummy and me' number :)

  5. It's a shame you can't think of a way to make that black and white one wearable. That's great fabric! Over a swimsuit?

  6. Good on you for being brave enough to show the failures! I love the fabric in the first shirt (although I actually think that one-shoulder styles are not flattering on ANYONE, not just you :-)