Tuesday, August 16, 2011

33 Days~One Colossal Road Trip

So some people might say driving around the country with 3 children and one largish dog is not a vacation.  For me this was not only a vacation but a mental welfare trip.  Yes, there should have been concern for my mental welfare as this first winter living in the Pacific Northwest was brutal.  BRUTAL!!!  I needed sun.  Lots and lots of actually sunny summer.

For the first two weeks my lovely husband was with us as we camped at Yellowstone, explored Mt. Rushmore and then landed safely at his family lake home in Wisconsin.  Much water play, boating and frolicking in the sun ensued.  Jon flew back to Washington to continue funding our travels leaving the rest of us free to further explore our beautiful country.  And yes-oh-yes Ms. America is a beauty indeed. 


After leaving Wisconsin the kids, dog and I headed for Taos New Mexico.  We visited my parents and played in the land of enchantment.  Once again, the sun baked us to a dark golden brown as we laid in our mountain stream to cool ourselves.  At this point I hadn't cooked a meal or cleaned a house in a good three weeks.  I was one relaxed mama!

After about 10 days there we packed up again and headed for Colorado to visit with my brothers family in Monument for two nights.  Then we all travelled on to Steamboat Springs for a bit of summer ski town life.  We all fell madly in love with Steamboat.  Can't recommend it enough as a family vacation spot.


Whew!  Another day and we made it all the way back to Washington.  33 days, 8 mountain passes, thousands of miles, countless adventures, one speeding ticket and I managed to keep all three children alive!  I'll take my mother of the year award now.  Giggle Giggle.

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