Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall sewing

It never ceases to amaze how when I sit down to sew something kinda hard how easily my sewing comes together.  And when I sew something that could be constructed in my sleep I end up ripping out seam after simple seam.  Why is that?

I have a very simple tunic for Ella that I have given up on (no photo).  It was meant to go with these legging.
The leggings turned out darling even though I was really starting to hate this fabric.  They were no joy to cut out and sew but I love those ruffle legs a bunch.  The tunic is a darling owl print.  Ruffles and owls.  It was going to be cute I tell you.  For now I am going to put the tunic down and walk away. 

My other successful project this week was a pair of cute corduroy winter shorts for Soren.  She loves to wear shorts over thick wool tights or leggings with boots in the winter.  So she requested a pair for back to school.

Excuse my lint!  What a joy these were to sew.  The pattern is from Japanese Pattern Book ISBN 978452904163.  I wouldn't say the pattern was easy to understand but in true Japanese style all the pieces did fit perfectly together.  It just took me a bit to puzzle through the construction. 

There is a problem with them however.  Too short!  I think my fix is going to be to take off the narrow leg binding and add at least a 1.5 inch binding...maybe 2 inches to be safe.  Soren loves them so much that I will make another pair making sure to adjust the length.  I also think this would translate really well into a skirt.  That's on the sewing list too.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the pockets on the shorts!

  2. I want a pair of those leggings :)