Friday, March 23, 2012

Lego Display

Re-purposing Vintage 35mm slide boxes into Lego Minifig display cases or travel boxes.
 I cut heavy card stock (think cereal box thick) to make the shelves.  You could use 35mm slides if you have some around the house.  I then dug through the boy's Lego tubs and fit together enough pieces to fill the lid.  This was actually really fun!  Kind of like solving a puzzle.  I held the pieces in the lid with glue dots so that they could be removed easily. This is fine for display but glue may be in order for actual play.

This stack of three 35mm slide boxes can be found in my Etsy store.  There are many single cases available on both Etsy & Ebay.  Search for  metal Brumberger 35 mm slide boxes.

As I worked on this Lego display case I started thinking of other things that could be displayed.  Vacation photos held up with magnets (yep.  magnets stick like a charm) on the lid and trinkets, shells or other small mementos on the shelves.  So much potential!  I hung my box on a single galvenized nail.  I love the industrial simplicity of using these boxes for display. 

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