Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trying to do SPRING

Could it rain anymore?   No, please don't answer that.  I already know that in the Pacific Northwest it can indeed.  I handled the winter dreariness just fine.  But the Spring dreariness is putting me over the edge.  In an attempt to stay sane I have been trying to bring a little spring into the house.

It killed me a little bit to buy this old window.  In Minneapolis I could have picked up a more interesting window everyday in an alley or by a dumpster for free.  This window required a trip to an antique stall and $35 dollars.  The egg plates are from my collection.  I had a slight obsession with collecting antique book plates in the 90's.  I especially love the ones of eggs.

Originally I was going to prop a larger framed egg print in front of the window.  There wasn't enough depth to my mantle to do that safely.  So I was so happy to find that I had prints just the right size to fit in each pane.  I used removable glue dots to adhere the plates to the front of the glass.

Lightens things up a bit I think.  Now I need to find something to put on the floor to the right where that wood corbel is.  Any ideas?
Happy Decorating!

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