Friday, April 29, 2011

Ottobre Design on Etsy?

Have you heard?  Ottobre Design now has an Etsy shop selling not only the pattern magazine for both children and woman, but a slew of yummy fabrics straight from the pages of their pattern mags.  The prices are what you would expect.  So, its not a way to get a bargain.  But it is fun to take a little peek at all the knits. 

I no longer have my subscription to the kids issue since we moved.  So, I was happy to find that I could order the Summer 3/2011 issue through the new Etsy shop.  It took about 10 days to get here.

OTTOBRE design Summer issue 3 / 2011, English edition

I am hoping that they will carry some of their trims but for right now I might like to try out these darlings dots in coated cotton for rain wear.
Rainy Day Tiny Dots Coated Cotton, 1 meter, several colors

Can you ever have enough red capped mushroom prints? The green one is right up my alley.
FUNNY MUSHROOMS - cotton interlock knit, green, 1 meter

And my very most favorite thing in the shop right now (more is coming) is this olive knit stripe and floral.  I just love it!  And so thoughtful that they packaged them together.
OTTOBRE FANCY FLOWERS  cotton knit combo, 1,30 meters

All the above pictures are linked and you can find the Ottobre Etsy Shop Here.


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  1. Sonja, thanks for letting your readers know! I have lots of back issues and have only made one thing from the patterns, but I have HOPES. I'd love to at least see the eye candy inspiration!